Do Touring Plans Take Into Account Crowd Levels for Specific Day

Hi all. I’m trying to create touring plans for our trip over Christmas/NYE–the most crowded time of year according to the crowd calendar. When I create a touring plan for a specific day, does the algorithm take into account the fact that the specific day the plan is being made for has a crowd level of 10? I don’t want to make a touring plan based on an average day, since the holiday crowds are obviously going to disrupt the calculated wait times. Thanks for the information!


Welcome to the Forum. I don’t have a definitive answer to your question. As I understand, the crowd levels take into account wait times for rides, not crowd level of people in the park. You might want to ask this question in the open thread in La Cava, or in chat if you haven’t already done so.

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Yes! You specify the date when you create a personalized plan. The software will use the current data for that date to determine wait times. It’s a good idea to optimize (let the software reorder things for peak efficiency) or evaluate (let the software recalculate wait times for an itinerary you prefer/choose) the plans again closer to the trip date. Touring Plans does update their predictions every few months, and also updates the numbers in real-time on the actual date, so things will change. It can be frustrating to see the wait times chsnge 2 weeks before your trip, but it’s better to know and be prepared!


Yes. For what it’s worth, we’ve gone the weekend before Christmas before, which was a 10, and it honestly was not bad if you hit RD and then maybe break during midday. Absolute worst was MK after fireworks, i was seriously concerned we’d be hurt or trampled the crowds were so bad. Week between Xmas and NYE will be a more crowded, but this advice should hold.