Do ticket cost increases impact packages and AP upgrade cost?

If ticket prices go up before my arrival date, will the cost of FD package also go up if not yet paid in full? If so, would paying in full prevent an increase and would AP upgrade after 1st entry cost be based on actual price paid for tix or current gate price?

No. You pay the price that the package cost at the time you booked it. Future increases in ticket prices don’t impact your existing reservation.

However, upgrading tickets that you bought directly from Disney (as opposed to a 3rd party vendor) will require you to pay up to the full price at the time of the upgrade.

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I was wondering this too. Thanks for asking @txketch and thanks for the answer @Mr_Itty! :smile:


You already have free dining package so you are not likely to change it. However, I wanted to point out what would cause a price increase. Last year I had booked a package. Ticket prices increased. Then free dining came out. When I called to add the free dining, the price of our tickets increased. So in other words, making a change to your package will cause the tickets to increase to the new price.

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