Do they use the age or the height for Barnstormer?

I have seen there is a height requirement for Barnstormer, which I think my son will possibly meet by the time we go. However, I have also seen it stated it’s for ages 3 and up. Technically my son will still be 2, but one month shy of 3. (Gets in free, naturally!) So I am wondering, if he is tall enough, will the CMs let him ride or not? Looking for personal experiences, I know no one can guarantee anything!

They use height now. No one asked us how old our son was (he only turned 2 a month before our trip). He rode Barnstormer 4 times over the course of our trip.

We went last year and my daughter had only turned two a few months prior. They made sure she met the hight requirement and never asked about age. She loved it and rode it twice.

We’ve only seen and/or experienced them going by the height measurement posted at the ride. We’ve seen toddlers get on all the time!

I’ve never noticed the age thing.

I wonder if it’s a suggested age - like kids 3 and up will enjoy this ride (whereas most 3year olds would not enjoy, say, Space Mountain)?

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Thanks all! Now to hope DS2 reaches 35 inches by November. It’ll be close-our kids are petite. :heart_eyes:

We just measured today-34 inches! He grew an inch in 2 months! 4 months to get that extra inch, so he might do it!

And DS7 is now 48 inches-good news he can ride more rides than I thought-bad news now I have to evaluate/guess whether he and DD9 will enjoy the 48+rides and then potentially adjust touring plans!

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