Do they Still have Poolside movies?

Just heard something about some of the resort pool areas not having movies anymore and fencing the pool areas in the evening -can anyone confirm / explain ?

I just looked and Pop Century still has movies going by the website.

They may just adjust the area at some resorts.

You can also go to any of the movies, not just where you’re staying.

KIdani shows them in the community room.

Contemporary has them in the gardens between Contemp and BLT. You can watch there, then watch the water pageant on Bay Lake.

Good to know. Hoping it’s the same for all the values. Staying at AoA in a couple months and our kids enjoyed the ones at ASM on past stay and already told them they would be available at AoA ! The kids are older / teens now but really trying to avoid being stuck in room with cable TV (only Disney channel / WDW channel (s) were in rooms on last visit which we preferred).

Thanks for the info will look into that !

Thanks - a friend thought this was a recent change for all the pools.

Something to think about. Last trip I had to bring my laptop. We stayed at all stars music. We found there was an hdmi port that was easy to access. We we t out to target and got an hdmi to usb cable and hooked the laptop up to the tv. Once that was done we watched out netflix account. What was on the laptop showed up on the tv. It was great.

So less crowding around Dad’s iPad - and fighting over who has to hold it the whole movie ! Will see if we can do a connection with the cords before we go. Genius ! Thanks for the tip :sunglasses:

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Would That work with my tablet. I will have to try.

Not all resorts had them at the pool. I have seen them on a grassy area at POR, on the beaches (less beach area so I think that is on the grass now?) at Poly and BC/YC, on the grass at BW. They may not offer movies every night but the activity guides would show you what movie and what days. What resort?

This month Pop does not have movies on Monday and Wednesday. They are playing Avatar on channel 80

If you have the right hdmi to whatever connection you tablet has it should work.

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We are doing the weekend to see Len and Jim Hill. We will do there events. Two podcasts, MVMCP and Epcot desert.