Do they allow 4 people go up to see firework if reservation for 2 at California Grill

Last time we went to DW the kids were in a stroller. We are going for Christmas and the “kids” are flying in from their college. Where did the time go?! So, this is a whole new adventure for me; and of course, I didn’t make a dinner reservation early enough. I can only secure a dinner reservation for 2 at the California Grill - at 7:45 pm. The site said we can go back to watch the firework if dinner before. Will they let all 4 of us go with a receipt (i.e. does the receipt show table for 2)? Thanks

That’s a good question. If not could you maybe get an earlier time for a table for 4? with a 7:45 res you could still be eating when it’s time for Wishes depending on what you order and what time the show starts.

Thanks There is no reservation available for table of 4. I checked several times a day for several weeks. It is Christmas week… and I didn’t do my research early enough to think of booking dinner reservation.

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Yes booking your dining really early is just a side effect of going to Disney and they don’t make it obvious in those commercials with everyone having so much fun! lol.

I think in this case your best bet would be to call them and ask directly. If not I believe you can also see the fireworks from one or more of the restaurants at the Grand Floridian if you’d have any more luck getting one of those reservations.

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I’m pretty sure that all Disney receipts have the number of guests printed at the top. One thing you might try is going really early in the evening (really late afternoon when they open) and getting a place at the bar. They only let people into the bar as space allows, so the earlier the better.
Now, would they let someone back up later with a bar receipt? I don’t know…

You have more than a month left- NOW is the time to amp up looking!! seriously- reservations will absolutely cancel. Related- I remember reading a complaint comment from someone who wanted to bring her party up (but only two of them had eaten) and they were told it was only good for # of people who ate there… Not sure if that is exception or rule but I would be surprised if they let people come back with extras…

Thank you all for your responses. Really appreciate it. I will continue to check daily for opening. Keeping my fingers crossed.


What do Liner folks think of this last resort method?

We found lots more choices for changing to another ressie, week of or especially day b4 ressie day. Lots of parties seem to cancel, change ressie that day b4 because that’s their last chance to cancel, within that 24 hour window. Have been hearing that people are actually getting more than one ADR for same eve, which I think is unfair to others, but seems to be happening. So then they are cancelling last minute, freeing up.

I realize this is taking a big chance, which is tricky if you have your plans set on Cali Grill, but if all else fails, good to know you still have a chance, or can get another ressie if that plan as well fails. Maybe you could do that extra ressie plan, since would be a backup. So make ressie at Narcoosies or some other signature restaurant just in case can’t find Cali for 4!

One more idea: make a second reside for 2, maybe under one of your kids’ names. Sometimes you can get 2 for 2, when you can’t get 1 for 4. We used this for a character breakfast several years ago.

That should be “ressie” not “reside”. (Darn auto-correct. )

Thank you for the suggestion. I will be checking for table of 2 and 4 hoping something will come up