Do refurbs ever reopen early?

I think I already know the answer to this, buuuuuut… Our MK day is 9/27. Carousel of Progress is closed 9/22/2014-9/27/2014 and Philharmagic is closed 9/8/2014-9/27/2014. Any chance they will be open ON the 27th? Or does this mean they will reopen on 9/28?

Not normally. If its a big, long refurb that has a lot of changes they need to run tests on yes, things like that pretty much never.

For short refurbs like that I can only think of exceptions for headliners being made (like TSM several years ago they opened early with wet paint, it was a mess), so I wouldn’t plan on it till the 28th.

Boooo, that’s what I figured! Thanks for the info!!

It’s certainly worth looking once you get there, but I would go with the mindset that they will NOT be open so you are not disappointed. IF by chance they DO open a day early, it will be a pleasant surprise.