Do Passholders still use Disney Travel Agents?

This may be a dumb question, but my family are planning to get APs for the first time and I am wondering if should still be able to plan everything through my normal DTA. She’s a friend and I hate to ditch her, but honestly don’t NEED her help lol. She said something about DTAs couldn’t even see AP information on their end?? Not sure.

I have an AP this year, and I am using a TA. It’s been great!

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I’ll tag my TA @999HappyHaunts. I’m not sure if she still gets Forum notifications, but maybe she can add some information.

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As a passholder that loves to plan I always would book everything myself unless MVT had a room rate that was better than an AP rate (which was often).

I used an agent to book my room but I wo’nt be using them for fastpasses, etc. It’s not as it they make any money from that anyway just the room/package booking as I understand it.

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They book FP to get your return business.