Do park hours influence # of BG for ROTR?

I am feeling somewhat paralyzed by this whole BG thing as whether we are successful or not will impact the rest of each day we attempt it.

I am curious: have park hours impacted the availability of BG? In other words, when the park is open later, are more BG offered, or is it capped and the extra hours provide a buffer for ride breakdowns and the extra “not likely to ride” BGs (term escapes my feeble mind at the moment).

I am thinking of trying early in our April trip, so that if we are not successful we have many more times to try until we get it right. One of the first days the park is (currently) showing hours of 9-8:30 with PM EMH til 10:30. Does ROTR run in EMH? Will they continue to use BG? Is that, then, a good day to try with increased odds for success as there are more hours in that day?

As the great Beatles once emphatically; HELP!


The ride doesn’t run during EMH, and likely won’t do so whilst BGs are being used. It just isn’t reliable enough to extend it’s operating hours just now.

And the initial improvement in reliability, which was fairly impressive, appears to have stalled. Possibly due to the most experienced engineers moving to DL when their ride opened - but that’s just me surmising.

Until the reliability is at a reasonable level, BGs will still be used. And at the moment no one seems to know when that will be.

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OK I thought I heard that it wasn’t running in EMH but wanted to confirm. Didn’t know if they would use it for spillover if it was behaving.

I don’t like what this is doing to my “planning” LOL


I had 2 HS days planned in our trip. Day 2 of 6 and day 6 of 6, both with a 7:00 park open. We went on Day 2 and got to ride. Then the night before day 6 we took a group vote on whether to go early and try for it again. We unanimously decided to go for it and ended up getting another BG and riding. I initially had FPP reasons for choosing those days (getting SDD at 60+6), but I would do it that way again just for the BGs. I could relax knowing that if we didn’t get a BG the first time, at the very least we’d have one more shot even if I didn’t revise our other days to add in more HS mornings.

That’s an understatement.

But here’s how I’ve resigned myself for our HS day. I’m now viewing the day as the day we RD Tower of Terror and RnRC…but while we’re there, try to get a RotR boarding group. If we do, great. If not? Just continue about our day with a bit more relaxed feel.

At the moment, our plan looks like this:

I have ROTR in there, but I also have it so I can move things around fairly easily should we actually manage a ROTR BG. If we don’t, I can possibly try to do MMRR on SB (which is currently assigned to day 2 HS).

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Yeah, my family doesn’t love these rides. In fact, 50% won’t ride them. Otherwise this is perfect.

I have one DHS day. I’m practicing, but in my mind, we won’t ride it: we will ride everything else.

That’s sort of my plan - even with the new rides, there still aren’t thaaaaat many rides in DHS. With two adults, if we don’t get to do the shows and spend the day getting in the rides, that’s fine.

And you Abrcadabar isn’t too far for a much needed drink if we want a break from the park

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Omg thanks for reminding me about Abracadabar!

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