Do MNSSHP tickets get linked with Magic Bands?

If we purchase MNSSHP before our trip, can we link them with our Magic Bands before we leave? We want to go to MNSSHP our first night! Also, does anyone know if there are military prices for MNSSHP tickets.

If you buy them on the site while signed into your MDE account they will link automatically and they will mail you the physical tickets but you won’t actually need them. Though I do recommend having them ‘just in case’. As far as I know there are no discounts on those tickets.

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I was able to 2 years ago.

Funny, I had a magic band and I had etickets for both MNSSHP and MVMCP last year and for both parties they made me scan my eticket.

I went to the Christmas Party last year and bought tickets at Guest Services outside the Magic Kingdom a couple days before attending. I don’t recall the CM linking the ticket to my band (or asking about doing so) and I remember using the ticket to enter the park on party night.

I suspect that if you were planning to enter the park around 4:00 on party night and made a second My Disney Experience account that you’d be able to make a few extra FPP reservations with the party ticket (in addition to those with your regular park admission, if you were going to be in a park earlier that day). That didn’t fit with my group’s plans for the party day, so I didn’t try this, but suspect it could be an advantage of not linking the tickets to your band.

I don’t know about linking the tickets.

In the past there have been military discounts on party tickets but they can only be bought onsite with the discount not in advance. The discount tickets are only available on select nights but this years dates for the military discount are not available yet.

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My MNSSHP ticket last year was linked to my MDE and I was able to use my band. I had my card with me just in case though.

Ours were linked to our bands last year and I also brought our printed tickets… Ended up using line for paper ticket because no one was in it :slight_smile: still got my three fpp and used MB without a problem.

So you get FPP with MNSSHP? We’re going the first night of our stay and do not have park tickets for that day, so we were hoping to get in at around 4 or 5 (after our long 11 hour car trip).

Yep… Unless they change something this year :slight_smile: the last two years with our mnsshp tickets we could get fpp between 4-7! Actually last year I got one for 3:55-4:55! Also don’t forget grab some food between this time too! The party goes by fast and when it’s dinner time… It’s also parade time!!! We are so excited to go back in oct for the party!

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