Do millennials ruin Disney parks?

In my opinions, only high crowd levels ruin theDisney experience, and of course, groups who stand in the middle of the walkways to discuss their plans…


I was actually thinking it’s not childless Millennials but anyone without kids who doesn’t get that it’s a family park. I fortunately don’t have any rude stories but read enough. I fear this problem will get worse with SWGE.

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We are empty nesters who did a life time of family vacations around the country and at WDW. We now make frequent trips to WDW on our own, and sometimes with our now ADULT kids. How exactly are we interfering with your family vacation?


I have never had kids, but obviously love going to WDW; solo more than with my wife. I’m 60. I have never gone to WDW or DLR with children, and to be honest, I feel sorry for those who do go with kids (and/or unsupportive spouses). Anyone who thinks WDW is only for kids, and the parents who have to take them, clearly do not understand everything that WDW has to offer.


Wow! Did anyone read that rant that was linked in the article to Reddit? Hope I don’t cross paths with her in the parks!

I’m neither childless nor a Millennial, but I’ve toured solo and I’ve toured with friends without kids. I’d say much of WDW is actually tailored to an adult crowd, things you’d miss out on when you’re touring with kids.

The article is obviously incendiary click-bait material. But it provided me with a good chuckle! Thanks for posting.


Rude people, aloof people, drunk people ruin Disney - period. Doesn’t matter the age.
I can’t believe they would run this story - based off a social media post from one of the rude guests referred to above. It’s as if the author was up against a deadline - plucked a story from social media and went with it. Such a silly article, IMO. And I’m with @bswan26. Never been to Disney with kids.
Can’t imagine what folks are saying about me. LOL!


this is silly. i read the article. its just silliness to fuel social media hits to fuel ad revenue. ignore and Carry On.


@dreamer, hope you and your friends didn’t ruin any trips for moms with children this week :rofl::rofl:


OMG!! I was just thinking that same thing!!
Now we are all mothers just without the kids this trip.


I think she is the reason they include alcoholic drinks with the Disney Dining Plan now.


I can tell you: they say nothing. They do not even notice you’re there.

Despite any stigma, or expectation, or impression, or whatever you want to call it, NO ONE cares that you’re there or who you’re with unless you go out of your way to make yourself “seen”. Everyone is extremely focused on their own vacation and will pay everyone else no mind.


I agree, and was attempting to be sarcastic. Even if they were - I wouldn’t care.


Just read her “rant. “

I can safely say it’s made up. She watched a girl, from afar (because she’s not in line) whom she assumes is not with a family for… reasons(?), buy a pretzel. Her toddler, with allllll the other things to grab his attention also notices this girl, again: from afar, buy said pretzel and suddenly wants one. And he breaks down (Ok, this part is believable. I mean… those cream cheese pretzels? Uhh yeah I’m weeping right now cause I don’t have one. Don’t judge.) because mom said “later” and immediately it’s the girls fault for having the money to buy said pretzel and being there?


Right, but this actually is a SERIOUS concern most solo travelers have before that first trip. I didn’t want anyone getting the wrong idea. :slight_smile: There is a strong expectation that you will be singled out and called out or have security checking up on you for not having a child or family in tow. It’s remarkable to realize that it just isn’t so.


The story really made no sense. Plus, what was she waiting in a 3-hr line for with a toddler? Someone needs to teach this girl the modify FP technique!


I’d just like to be able to read the article without paying the Washington Post a dollar or turning off my ad blocker. Oh well.

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I was actually having serious second thoughts about touring solo, but it ended up being a really great experience! You’re absolutely right that no one cares or notices that you’re solo. I found it fun to be able to move quickly and go wherever I wanted without anyone caring!


Can we all agree that it is really people who put children on their shoulders during fireworks and people who insist on raising their cell phone in the air to film fireworks that are actually ruining Disney?


I think @Flutegarden was meaning adults who travel to WDW and behave in inappropriate ways, forgetting that WDW is a family destination. I’ve certainly seen this from adults of all ages, but would also deem it inappropriate in most locations, not just WDW.

In general, the story is stupid clickbait and I kind of hate that it made it’s way to this forum. The woman’s comments are obviously coming from a place of frustration, likely not knowing what she was getting into going to WDW with a little one. After all, if she thinks there is only one spot to get a Mickey Pretzel and is waiting 3 hours for anything, something just isn’t right.


My fave! Particularly in MK where, gasp, I (as a millennial) ate a Mickey pretzel… I was even wearing shorts… it’s me ya’ll I’m the one in the story…

Seriously though - the CM even gave me a free frozen coke when she accidentally made to many for the family before me. I would have been well hated by this woman :joy:


Other than a couple of trips I went on with one of my HS/college buddies back in the 80s, I toured solo, at both WDW and DLR for years before I got married, and even since then, I’ve done more solo touring than accompanied touring - and truth be told, I prefer solo touring than going with my non-Disney-loving Wife. The only times I ever felt “self conscious” were when I rode things like Dumbo, the Carpets, or Triceratops Spin (the latter two just to say that I rode them); a 50-something year old guy with a mostly grey beard, alone, on a ride full of children…