Do I Really Need _____? It's Packing Time!

I am a notorious over-packer, but we have to keep our luggage to what we can carry through the airport and pack in our rental car along with DS2’s stroller, car seat, and PNP. So I need some help determining what NOT to bring, even though I’ve seen it recommended on other packing lists and threads.
First up:
Bubbles - to entertain DS2 while in the park (I can skip this right?)
Umbrella (we will have ponchos/raincoats and a stroller cover)
String lights - for finding the stroller at night (Trying to save $5 here. Is it well lit enough that a bright ribbon on the handle will be enough on a gray stroller at night?)
Children’s medicine - If DS2 gets sick at the parks, I will pay $$$ at the babycare center. We’re also staying offsite, so we’ll drive past a grocery store every day.

Please tell me if you think I am setting myself up for disaster or not. Also, what are your thoughts on bringing a Mickey stuffed animal to the park? Is that going to be confusing since they sell them there? Is that stupid because he’s going to get lost? Is that smart because he’s going to want me to buy one?

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Only thing I would keep is some medicine in my suitcase for your child. I bring a kit I have with thermometer and Tylenol/ Motrin whatever else I use… because what if it’s 2am? Prob won’t need it but it’s something I always restock for travel…


There will be lots to see and do in the parks. Including splash pads. Absolute worst case scenario, bubble wands are copiously sold. I would leave these home.

Whichever form or rain protection you choose, you probably don’t need both.

A bright ribbon should be sufficient. Especially as your stroller will be somewhat unique as it’s yours, and not a stock one rented at Disney.

If DS2 gets sick at the park and you feel you’ll need OTC meds, the very first place you should go is the First Aid station within the parks. Anything provided there is at no additional cost.

Should you need something more long term, the grocery stores and pharmacies you drive by will be available for your needs.

Unless it’s a specific personal comfort thing for DS, I would leave it at the resort/hotel “to keep things safe here.”

Granted, it’s been a few years, but my DD’s first visit to WDW was when she was only a little over 3 (3 yrs, 2 mos), and she did perfectly well without the bubbles or the need for a friend.

Obviously, you know your DS best, and can judge how well he’ll do.

Yes, yes, and yes. :slight_smile:

Personally, we’ve never brought anything like that into the parks with us. Never saw a need. There are plenty of things to keep them entertained. But every child is different. (I know…that’s probably news to you!)

Medicine, always better to be safe than sorry. But I agree with you on the other bits. As long as you have your stroller clearly “marked”, you’ll be able to see it day or night. We always had a long, white, somewhat dainty-looking ribbon tied on ours. Very easy to see, and quite different from ordinary white ribbon in case someone else did the ribbon thing!


We have a travel kit as well that’s not very big. I’ll definitely pack it in the suitcase but not take it into the parks.

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Yea good call… I never brought mine into the parks—- I think I misread your post!

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Thank you! I’d love to avoid the $25 bubble wands, but DS2 hasn’t quite figured out that we can purchase him things that he’s admiring, so I’m hoping we’ll be ok. We are bringing a few glowsticks for pre-fireworks entertainment. He does fine when we tell him his lovie needs to nap in the car, so we’ll make sure it stays there.
And so good to know that there’s no cost for First Aid.

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I just rummaged through my fabric bin and found some yellow and white striped fabric, so we should be pretty unique!


I have more than once walked in there saying I need some Ibuprofen because I have a sinus headache coming on… they’re perfectly glad to hand me a single-dose packet for the very small cost of me signing in to their register. I figure a line of hand-writing is a pretty inexpensive price to pay to get my head back on track!


First aid gave me ibuprofen and an ice pack when I had a fall last summer. No cost, quick, in & out and a pleasant lady to talk to.

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Honestly I think the string of lights is genius…two purposes. Identification and light to rummage through your bags at night. If my kids were younger and we were bringing a stroller, I’d take your recommendation and bring the light string. As it is, we’re bringing a small flashlight in our bag for our upcoming trip. We’re also bring a first aid kit (so we don’t need to waste valuable time to walk to the first aid station). We are bringing Disney dolls for our girls for the hotel room just to have a sense of home but not bringing to the park but if’s a security blanket for yours…I would bring it to the park too.


I would question the need for the PNP! I see you are staying offsite, are you renting a house or in another hotel? Many home rentals I have seen have cribs/PNPs etc, and every chain hotel I’ve ever stayed at also has them. Can you double check if this is something you really need?

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We’re bringing a couple ibuprofen and bandaids in the park bag, but anything more major would probably be disrupting our plans for the day anyway, so the walk to the first aid station would be ok with us.

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I thought someone might mention this. Our Airbnb has a PNP but we are going to stay with my grandparents for two days afterwards and they were not able to find someone to borrow one from. They live a few hours from Orlando, so I didn’t want to bother with trying to rent one for that portion of the trip.

Our first aid kit is tiny. But it does also include moleskin, medical tape, and a small pair of scissors.

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I spent some time with my grandmother in Jacksonville Beach when my youngest was a baby. I bought some used baby stuff at a resale shop, and then sold it back when I was done. The cost to buy it was less than a rental was going to be, so I came out way ahead. I don’t know if your grandparents would be up for getting one for you, but just an idea. :slight_smile:

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Bubbles: I actually had brought some one trip (it was July and stupid hot and we had all 4 kids and my DD was 2) it worked amazing at distracting her from the temper tantrum she was throwing and the other kids loved it too. I only brought the tiny little containers (like the bubbles you get at weddings or as party favors or the ones that are necklaces). Now do you have to have these no and maybe as a only child you can devote time to just doing whatever he wants.

Umbrella: I hate ponchos but I hate dragging umbrellas…one or the other but probably don’t need both

String lights: Could you use a $1 glow stick for the same effect? I never used one but I do find the parks to be very dark at night so I see the use of it.

Children’s medicine: I think carrying a small first aid kit with a single dose of kid and adult pain reliever and a few band aids is worth it. I don’t want to stop and walk all the way across the park if my kids fall or someone gets a headache. I agree to not bringing big bottles.

Lovey: I was trying to recall if we had ever done this. I don’t think so but at 4.5 DD will I’m sure demand it now as she can’t live without her stuff. I would leave it at the airbnb so as to not lose it.

Have Fun!!!

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Only once did I not bring kids ibuprofen on a trip. Of course this was the one time that my then DD6 woke up with a high fever and my DH had to go out at 3 am trying to find a place to get kids ibuprofen, I always pack some since then.

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Just to agree with everyone about being the meds but not the other stuff.

Ugh about having to bring the PNP.

I love using glow sticks to identify something and to play with it.

We normally drive so I bring everything but the sink, but were we flying, I’d skip the things you mention.

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That’s a great idea, but they’re having a tough time getting around these days, so I don’t want to ask them to do it for us.

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