Do I need tickets at 180 days or room res for ADR?

I can’t remember, what triggers the 180 day mark to make an ADR. It is a ticket purchase or a room reservation? Here’s why I ask…looking into renting points, but will likely not have that all tied down and reserved by 180 days. Can I just buy tickets now, make ADRs, then worry with room later.? Not doing a package. thx!

Neither; anyone can make an ADR at 180 days. If you want to do the 180 plus 10, you have to have a room reservation.

well that was easy. less stressing! thx

And unless you’re trying for BOG or a pre-RD CM (or V&A Chef’s Table), you can probably get just about anything you want at 180; you’ll just have to go on 180 days out for each day you want an ADR. And that’s not to say that you CAN’T get those either, but they will definitely be tougher to get.

Wishes Dessert Party…that’s another hard to get ADR and you won’t at 180

Not since the price went way up I don’t lol.

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thanks for the help. going to try for CRT, but not a deal breaker. kids don’t know about it so will sub 1900 PF if needed. side note, I had been planning away for a feb 16 trip and last night dh says due to work issues, lets move it to oct or nov 15. very excited.

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Oct or Nov 15 will be tough for ADR’s b/c many weeks include the free dining promo and more people make ADR’s for the more expensive character meals. If you’re thinking Oct I would make ADR’s now. The only ones you have to prepay for are CRT and dinner shows like HDDR. Otherwise, as long as you cancel them within 24 hours of the ADR time there is no penalty.

Seriously, I know. I booked it for October but am waiting on reviews. There’s going to have to be something very special going on for me not to cancel.

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