Do I need a Touring Plan for Disney Villains After Hours this February?

For those of you who have already attended Disney Villains After Hours at Magic Kingdom, do you think we will need a touring plan? We have one for the daytime for that day, but there is not currently an option for a special Disney Villains After Hours Touring Plan. There are TPs for the Halloween and Christmas after hours events but not villains.

If no TP is added for this event, what order do you recommend riding in? I have read that Space Mountain and Pirates are the 2 longest lines and that everything else is basically walk on. Is that true? If true, then is the TP not really even necessary?

I have a 5yo and 7yo begging to stay that night to do this and just want to have a plan in place.

Thank you for any advice and tips!

I wish we could do a TP for VAH too!

But we honestly didn’t need one for the standard MK DAH 2 years ago. Everything was essentially walk-on (no special overlays though).

I’m assuming VAH will be busier and we won’t get through quite as many rides as last time, plus want to see the stage show. I’m making a TP anyway (understanding it will show as way past closing hours, but I’ll manually sort into priority/location order, then I can at least keep track and check things off as we go). I’ve also considered making a time-shifted plan (to be during park hours) and putting in FastPasses for everything to see if I can approximate lines and walking time…no idea if that will work though.


When we did this, Space and Pirates kept around a 30 minute wait the whole night. 7DMT was around 25. Everything else was lower with some walkons. DS10, who is a big Space Mountain fan, freaked out with the overlay and we had to leave - and he discovered this by riding the PeopleMover which went completely dark when we went by Space. So, if your kids are like mine, skip these two! We actually had to leave at that point because my easy going DS had a panic attack. My niece stayed the entire night which is where I got my intel. We’re trying again in February and avoiding these!