Do I need a restaurant reservation at Disney Springs?

My daughter is performing at Disney Springs on 4/21/17 at 5:15 PM with our high school band. I’m not able to get a reservation for 8 of us at a restaurant at the time I want (before 8 PM). Are the restaurants really crowded that I need a reservation or could we grab something that is counter service without too much of a wait. Traveling with adults - which can be more cranky than kids if they get hangry :frowning:

Everything at DS seems to be very, very busy. And, it’ll still be spring break when you’re there (Half of my town will be there…).

So, I think if you are patient, the QS will be ok. But I see youtube videos where the lines are out the doors at Blaze or Delux Burger in February. Maybe these places have taken a little pressure of Earl of Sandwich, which we love.

Where were you hoping to eat? You could try calling the restaurant directly rather than going through Disney Dining.

What restaurant ? Did you try open table?

Try using open table for your search. I searched your parameters and found several results in the 8-9 hour. Use Disney Springs as your location.

You can almost always get a last minute reservation at Bongos and we thought the food there was pretty dang slamming.

The last time I was there, Raglan Rd. had a 90 min SB wait at 7:00 PM. I was solo and lucked out and I got a seat at the bar…The time before I had an ADR at Boathouse, but the SB line was over an hour… I think pretty much all of the TS locations will have a long wait without a reservation - especially for a larger party.