Do I need a FP for Mission Space GREEN?

I got the FP for all of us for Mission Space ORANGE (or which my husband has dubbed Mission Space Vomit), which now all of us have decided that we are too prone to motion sickness to risk riding it. But, we are game for the Green version. Do we need to a FP for that or can I change it to something else?


The Mission Space fastpass is good for either the green or orange version – you just chose when you get in line (See here). So your current fastpasses will work for green. However, my understanding is that the green version never really develops much of a line, so maybe you’d be better off swapping the fastpasses to something else?

Yeah, that was my understanding too…just wanted to make sure! Maybe I’ll just see what’s available and keep it if there’s nothing we are interested in. Thanks!

Have you made your touring plans yet? If so, maybe go through and see whether there’s anything to swap it for that will save you more time.

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Good idea.