Do I keep BOG now that it's not PPO? UPDATE - IT'S A PPO AGAIN?

We have an 8am at BOG on Sunday, 12/1. They just changed opening from 9am to 8am. You know, 10 days beforehand :roll_eyes: We have club level FPs that day, so I feel pretty good about our touring…I mean it’s a CL1 and we were RDing UtS because we have a 9am 7DMT FP. But should I cancel BOG and just add in some Tomorrowland rides that we weren’t planning for that day? Or just keep the meal and TP as planned? We are on the DDP, and this meal was going to use up the last of our credits.

Here’s the TP if anyone is interested:

I would change to 10am or cancel. That is prime touring time!


Are you doing it just to use up the credits, or because it is something you really wanted to do?

I don’t know if you mean it that way, but the vibe I’m picking up on is that BOG isn’t super important to you.

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It’s not super important. We are doing dinner there later in the week, so we will get to go either way. It’s our last day on the DDP though, and I really don’t want to waste credits. And I’d like to try the cronut. And get “free” champagne to start my day.

I was really looking forward to a mostly empty park/Fantasy Land. It wasn’t for the 7DMT advantage. I’m happy with the TP as it stands, I think we accomplish a lot. PP is not on there because we are doing it earlier in the week and I don’t consider it necessary to do more than once. So again, it’s really only Tomorrowland that I would consider adding a few rides in. Maybe Space, AO, and/or Buzz. But we are doing those the day before. Well, not AO, but it terrifies me!

My FPs are for 9, 10, 11, 1:30, 2:30, 3:30, and 4:30…there’s really not a lot of room to move the ADR around.

I can’t speak for you and your family, but if it were me, I’d definitely choose adding Tomorrowland rides instead of BOG, and then just getting some quick service with your DDP credits some place.

I’m terribly afraid of heights, but AO isn’t scary, to me. It goes so fast, and the angle is awkward, making it difficult to really get scared, IMO. The two biggest issues I have with AO are how cramped the rockets are, and how slow the line seems to go. I actually have us RDing AO because of the line thing on one of our days, believe it or not! :slight_smile:

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It may actually be the waiting to get on the ride after the elevator part that scares me the most!

Since we have lunch a little after noon, I’d still want to eat breakfast early…thus cutting into that touring time. So I guess I’m answering my own question here!

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Hmm. I’ve heard that’s a sign of insanity. :crazy_face:

No doubt about that here!

I think you can have a great breakfast and be out by 8:30. Honestly, you have 6 FPs to start with- enjoy your breakfast!


Thanks! I’ve set the reservation finder and if I can push back the ADR 20 or 30 minutes, I will. I don’t think that will affect our existing TP much, and it will let us hop on Buzz once or twice on the way in :slight_smile:


I’ve managed to move 4 of us to 8:30, and the other 2 to 8:35. Looks like we’ll get in a ride or two before breakfast, and still not be too far behind on our plan for the day. :heart_eyes:


@kerrilux Same situation here on 12/14. I’m keeping my 8:10 ADR. We can still get everything done on our TP with similar waits. I had also booked a 10:20 in anticipation of this happening. I considered dropping the 8:10 and just doing the 10:20 but DD16 wants to do BOG lunch that day too. We have a 12:30 for lunch. Its our 6th trip so our only “must do” is to see Disney in all its Christmas glory. I personally don’t care if I even get on a ride. We’ve been there, done that, so to speak, in terms of attractions so I don’t feel the need to do it all. We are going on a party day so anticipated wait times weren’t bad to begin with.

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@kerrilux and @ryan1 I got stuck in a very, very crowded elevator trying to get down from AO. I do not like small enclosed spaces to begin with and I thought I was going to have a panic attack. I was short of breath, sweating, heart pounding, shoved to the very back of the elevator, freaking out! NEVER AGAIN!

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Great plan. BOG breakfast is actually a really good use of a QS credit on the DDP (especially if you add that morning champagne).


We’re actually doing the DxDDP split between 2 rooms. Works out to less than $25/credit (not including snacks or refillable mug), so BOG is still a good use. Especially with the champagne! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You’re right–breakfast there especially with champagne can be almost as expensive as a TS.

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Just curious, how do you have 7 different times for fast passes?

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We have club level fastpasses. And since not all five of us are riding every ride, we got FPs for 7 rides.

Is this normal…I set an alert for 6 at 8:30 for that morning (I just prefer to have everyone on one ADR) and got an alert this morning…for 7:30! The park is still opening at 8, but BOG is opening at 7:30. I didn’t think BOG opened before the park when there was an 8am opening.

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