Do I have to book a throwaway FPP in this situation?

I have my Fast passes chosen but have a dilemma. Since we are booking for three different families, we have people splitting off at times to do different things. In HS this has caused some people to have only 2 out of three FPP. Everyone has SDD in late afternoon already but we are hoping to get a day of for AS2 or TSM. (I know, high hopes) Do I just book an early throwaway pass for those who will not have used 3 so they can try for the 4th day of? I could add a FPP for Indy Jones for a Mom (who only has 2 FP) who is taking her son, but the son already has 3. What would happen if she tapped into FP line but he doesn’t have one for that ride?

It’s only going to be an issue if you’re trying to book another TSL attraction. One has to use or expire two tier two FPP before able to book another tier 1

Yes and that is the issue. We will be hoping for at least one more Toy Story ride. I can book the throwaway so that we will have used all three FP once we tap into SDD but I feel awful having to do that if someone else in the park could have used my throwaway. I have the situation on another day in Epcot.

Well it’s what Disney makes us do :woman_shrugging:t2:

You could book a ride someone else will want to do and have that person use the magic band for the ride

Thanks @OBNurseNH! I actually did that and my DGS8 will use my MB to get into IndianaJones with his mom. Don’t know that they actually need a FP on a CL3 day, but at least it will get all 3 used so we have a chance at the coveted 4th day of FP.

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