Do I have enough wait times for shows in my TP

Reposting this as I inadvertantly put it into the Universal category…

Below are the wait times for shows that are in my TPs. If you are familiar with the shows, could you please give feedback on whether they are adequate? I only use evaluate, so the TP software may not have done the same amount of wait times as when optimize is chosen. We don’t need to have the perfect seat, but several of these are the last showing of the day so missing the show entirely would be sad.

Epcot: (CL 6 on both days)
Norway Vikings 11 minutes
British Revolution 12 minutes
Matsuriza 4 minutes
Impressions de France 5 minutes

Animal Kingdom (CL 7 )
Festival of the Lion King 20 minutes
Up! A great bird adventure 5 minutes
Finding Nemo 14 minutes (CL 6 day)

Hollywood Studios: (CL 4)
Beauty and the Beast 20 minutes
Indiana Jones 15 minutes
March of the First Order 11 minutes
For the First Time in Forever 25 minutes
Voyage of the Little Mermaid 8 minutes

Magic Kingdom (MK 6)
Captain Jack Sparrow’s tutorial 5 minutes
The Muppet’s present 5 minutes

Thanks so much for any advice you can give!

I think if you arrive before each of these shows in the amount of time listed you will be fine.

TP’s advice on festival of the lion king is a bit conflicted. They seem to have 20 min as a default plug for all FOLK time slots yet somewhere on the website was advice saying to arrive 30 to even 40 minutes early to make sure you get in to a specific show (unless first thing).

You definitely don’t need to be 40 mins early. 20 will almost always be fine.

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