Do I have any options? - MVMPC

One of my children was not going to come with us on our upcoming Disney trip (doesn’t like crowds, rides, or character). He has recently agreed to go (which makes me very happy!) But the Christmas party we are going to is sold out. Is my only option to stay at the hotel with him and lose the money on my ticket? Has anyone ever had luck getting a refund? Or Disney coming through with an extra ticket? He wont really care if he misses the party but I was looking forward to it. :frowning:

I’d try calling Disney and see if they can work some pixie dust into things. And then report back here, because I’d like to know what they say!

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They are well known to allow date changes if you call and ask nicely. Would that help at all?

The cast member on the phone said the party was completely sold out and there was nothing she could do for me (No other dates during my stay) She suggested going to guest services when I arrive as they may have more wiggle room. I reserved a spot for him at club dolphin just in case. He won’t mind missing the party if he has too.

Google Publix and MVMCP - they’re selling effectively gift cards for specific party dates - including sold out dates. You may be able to pick one up and get in that way.

If that fails, ask and ask again (nicely) once you are there. I like your backup plan of Club Dolphin too. I know my younger son would be much happier there than at the party.