Do I cancel ADRs seperately?

As with many many others I had to cancel our Vacation to WDW. I canceled through my travel agent and got my refund.
Do I have to cancel all my ADRs? I booked them myself (Not through the travel agent)
I was assuming that they would be link with my resort reservation and automatically be canceled.

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You must cancel them all yourself one at a time. I think it’s quicker on the website than in the phone app


quick reply thanks. I will get on that ASAP

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I received an email (?maybe? Or something) hat ADRs during the closure would be cancelled automatically and no penalty would be charged for failure to do so. I’ve done nothing with mine

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I’ve just checked to be sure.

In the MDE app it still shows reservation dates, times, and number of guests but no location.

On the website, everything is completely gone.

That was with no action by me.

So long as you’re in the closure period I would just Let It Go. One less thing to worry about.

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