Do I book FP for expedience or desire?

First time poster, fairly long-time lurker. My FastPass day is coming up next week, and I’m doing all sorts of second guessing. It’s our first ever (and likely one-and-done, don’t judge!) trip to Disney World. We have done a couple of trips of 2 or 3 days at Disneyland when our kids were younger, but that was back in paper FastPass days, and also we did zero planning on those trips (with very mixed results!). So for this trip, I’ve put in a lot of time trying to get up to speed on how things work at Disney World.

We are myself, DH, and twins DD13 and DS13. I was unable to come up with a sufficiently witty username, so my username is just our initials. I am the A in MAFK :slight_smile: We are going mid-to-late August with predicted crowd levels around 4 ish most days.

My question is particularly about our first MK morning. I am planning to rope drop Frontierland/Adventureland. I think rope drop sounds like a super stressful and crowded experience, and plan to avoid needing to do that for the super headliners. But on our first day I’d love for us to get there in time to see the welcome show at the castle, and then go hit up Big Thunder and Splash Mountains, followed by Pirates and Jungle Cruise. From what I’ve read, and what I’ve modelled in my plan, getting a FP for JC seems to make the most sense - we should be able to get those first 3 rides with short waits, and then will appreciate having a FP for JC. But here’s where I’m overthinking: we’re not all that keen on JC. Just doing it for completeness, but our holiday won’t be ruined if we miss it. However, for Big Thunder and Splash, it would be a real disappointment if we couldn’t ride those. So, would it be better to have FP for those two, in case there are issues, like the rides being down at park open (on the assumption that our FP would be valid later in the day if the rides came back up)? Or should I just book my FP based on the optimistic plan that yes, I will be able to get Big Thunder and Splash as walk-ons, and book that JC FP because it makes the morning flow better?

None of this is life or death, of course, and we do have an evening of Disney After Hours at MK planned later in the week, but I’m trying to hedge my bets in terms of things going wrong, and trying to plan in at least one ride on our “must-do” rides before the After Hours, so we’re not devastated if crowd levels or ride closures scupper our plans on that night (e.g. I think I read some reviews of DAH at MK where Space was down for most of a night, and some people were absolutely irate). I’d love to be pleasantly surprised when things go well, rather than devastated when they don’t, if that makes any sense?

So I’m wondering what the general consensus is. Do you book your FP for the rides you really really want to ride, or for the rides where it makes the most sense in terms of reducing wait time? Thanks!


I think it varies depending on the person… but for me, I lean more towards desire. So that means i’m usually booking Space Mountain, Big Thunder and Haunted Mansion for my first 3 FPs, because those are my favs. But that is not what a lot of people do. If you don’t care about Jungle Cruise though, definitely don’t waste one of your first 3 FP on it. Maybe you can find a FP for it later in the day.


It’s a balance. If you said Small World was a “must do”, then I’d stick with the JC fast pass and ride Standby for Small World, but In your situation if it were me, I would FP+ Big Thunder and start my day in this order (arriving for rope drop) … Jungle Cruise, Pirates, Splash, Big Thunder. If Jungle Cruise lines are long for whatever reason, you just skip it since it’s not a must do.


Personally I wouldn’t waste a fastpass on Jungle Cruise. Only do JC if short wait, otherwise I skip.

For PotC, if you don’t know about it already, you get a free FP+ if you complete 3 (I think) or more missions of the scavenger hunt ‘‘pirate of the 7 seas’’. My kid really loved it and I have yet to hear about any kid who didn’t.

In general, my desires and time reduction are the same but I guess the whole point of FP+ is to save time so I would say use it to save as much time as possible (but only on rides you also want to do). Does that even make sense ? lol


I’d pick one that’s more important because if the ride goes down in the first hour you’re in trouble. You can try for SD FP for JC.

Would this be fun for a 2 y/o and 4 y/o? Or are they too young?

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Hmmmm…not sure…4 yo would probably enjoy the ‘‘special effects’’ but you would have to do all the ‘‘work’’ unless he/she is a treasure maps genius LOL. 2 yo would probably not get it very much but might still be interested in the pirate stuff.

I make personalized TPs to make sure that we will be able to do everything that we want to do, and then choose the FPPs that will get us the biggest time savings.


Welcome! I always book the attractions that I love.


This. 100% this. That’s what I’d do anyway if I was planning to hit that side of the park at RopeDrop. If you get that FP for BTMRR you should be able to do JC and PoTC in relatively short succession without too much of a crowd yet. Splash might have a bit of a wait by the time you get there if you don’t FP it, but it should still be manageable if you can make it there within the first hour or so.

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I’ve done RD Frontier & Adventureland. It’s great!! Most of the park will be at 7DMT or Tomorrowland. In my experience you do it in this order.

RD Standby = BTMRR, Splash - Should be done in the first hour.
Standby = PoC - You may have to wait 30 minutes, but it’s an indoor queue
FPP = JC - The queue jumps to 40 minutes pretty early and it’s a hot outdoor queue. (The queue is my main reason to use FPP on this)

JC is always a must do for me, but I love “dad” jokes & bad puns. If you get the right Skipper you’ll be laughing for years to come.

I would add, Splash and Big Thunder are 2 rides that you can easily get day-of FP+ in the evening (in my experience at least) so if you love doing them, you can go back in the evening to ride again (and again, and again lol).


I like that. I’m a little more pessimistic about the length of that Splash line… I think I would use FP 1 on Splash, FP 2 on BTMRR.


I would agree with FP for Splash if that is a priority and other rides aren’t a bigger priority. If you can do 2, I’d do those 2.

What I would like to see here is:

Rope Drop JC
PotC gift shop
Dole Whip
Tiki Room (edit)
Splash w/ FP


last we were there, you only needed to complete 2 to get the free fpp

they take about 20 minutes each (unless you’ve done them before, then you can fly through it), however, the younger kids may slow you down a bit, there is quite a bit of walking, but its all in adventureland

so, you’re looking at the better part of an hour to do the 2 missions.

This beats waiting in line if you don’t have a fpp and the standby is 30 min or more, especially with 2 young children who may not feel like standing in line for that long

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My approach to FPPs is fairly simple and not at all “scientific”. I get them for the 3 rides I would be most disappointed in missing if I didn’t get to ride them. In MK that’s Splash, BTMRR, and either SM or POC.


This is what I had in my plan, up until last night (although without the dole whip - my kids don’t like pineapple :confused: and with Magic Carpets instead of Tiki Room). But then I read several accounts of folks doing it in the order that @darkmite2 suggested, and only using 1 FP to cover the the 4 rides (for JC, but admittedly might end up with longish wait at PoC) vs 2 FP (for BTMRR and Splash).

I am nervous of the scenario that @Flutegarden alludes to, with one or both of BTMRR or Splash being down and throwing us off if we can’t cover them both in the first hour. Given that I do have a 2nd day of FP planned at MK, I think I would feel happier knowing that I have the FP to cover BTMRR and Splash on that first day.

Is Tiki Room at WDW very much the same as at Disneyland? I don’t really remember much about Tiki Room, just that we used it as a nice break to sit down (which is why I hadn’t planned on it in the morning!).

So this was my naive thought when I first started thinking about FP - that we’d get Space, Splash, BTMRR because that’s what my kiddos remember liking from Disneyland. But then I started reading lots of other people’s trip reports, and second guessing!


Like any questions you ask here everyone is going to have their own opinion. This order is what I’ve done multiple times with success. I would add you can’t plan for down times. Sure… you can look at charts & graphs and see that what percent a ride is typically down. However, the rides are generally operating more often than not. It does suck when it happens to you, but even with a TP you have to be flexible.

IMHO - you don’t need a FPP for any ride during the first 60 - 80 minutes after RD. You should be able to do two walk-on rides if you RD. I don’t schedule my first FPP for anything until the park has been open for at least 90+ minutes.