Do I bank on EEMH or book FP also?

With the announcement of the Extra, Extra Magic Hours, I went into my current plans to play around and evaluate the new times and wait time predictions. And I have to say- it all looks way too good to be true.

For my MK days, I put in 7am as my arrival time. And it’s showing less than a 5 minute wait on rides like Peter Pan, 7 Dwarfs, Dumbo, etc. According to the wait times, I could get on about 6 rides before opening at 8am.
With AK, it shows less than a 30 min wait for Avatar and Rivers.
(Also, if I get to HS at 6am, the wait shows 35 minutes for Smuggler’s Run…WAY too good to be true)
Crowd levels are between 1-3 for the days I am there. (Which I also simply don’t understand…with STGE opening 30 days prior to my arrival, how in the heck can the crowds be so low??)

So here is my question- if it seems that I can get on some of these big headliners during EMH, should I also snag FP for them just in case? Or use it as a second ride? I am really torn on what to use my FP for.


Book FPs for your must dos.



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yea I made a copy of each of my old plans (prior to announcement of hours) and then added in FPs for some of the same rides that I would also do at 7 am.

Right now I only have 3 of 8 days where I am utilizing the EEMHs. Every other day will be late start. I just can’t do that early every day, especially staying late the night before

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We arrive at 1215AM.

Day 1 we have a 12-9 at MK. (Earlier if I can get done.)
Day 2 we have a 6-10 at HS.
Day 3 we have a 12-8 at EP. (Earlier if I can get done.)
Day 4 we have a 6-10 at HS. (Earlier if I can get done.)
Day 5 we have a 12-12 at MK. (Set in stone.)
Day 6 we have a 12-9 at EP.
Day 7 we have a 7-Rivers of Light ending at AK.

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I just did EMM at MK on 4/28/19 - CL 2. So it was already a low crowd day and almost no one at EMM. My DD17 and I rode 7DMT over & over. I actually lost track of how many times. It was just walk on. We did PP three times with very short waits and Pooh once. We ate breakfast at about 9:30am before heading to our first 10:05am FPP - Space Mt.

We caught Little Mermaid later in the day in a short standby line. It rarely has much of a wait anyhow. (I don’t remember Dumbo being an option during EMM, but we didn’t go in that direction)

Overall, I highly recommend EMM! You should be able to ride everything in Fantasyland that you want to do more than once and save the FPP for the other E Ticket rides.

The food is pretty solid too. We got our fill and skipped lunch.