Do hours typically get extended as date approaches?

I’ll be at the Royal Pacific for a conference November 16-23. The conference runs Nov 18-22, but I’m going down early for some theme park fun. My question is surrounding the park hours during the week. As of now, it looks like USF and IOA will be closing at 7 PM (6 PM on a couple nights) Monday through Friday.

I’m trying to figure out what I can expect the hours to be like, knowing that the conference will likely go until 5 PM daily. I was hoping to go to the parks after the conference each night but the currently posted hours don’t leave much time.

Are the posted hours just place holders for now, possibly to be extended as the date approaches? Or is that as late as I can expect it to be open at that time of year?

I’d likely get a “2-park Seasonal Annual Pass” in any case since it’s the same as 3 days worth of tickets.


Looking at those dates on the crowd calendar from 2018, the parks both closed at 8 pm all of those days. I would expect similar this year, and not any later than that. This is pretty typical of Universal outside of holiday weeks. I hope you can find enough time for some fun after your days at the conference.


Thanks for the quick reply. I should have thought to go back and look at last year as an example. I guess I’ll plan on getting the pass and going as much as my schedule allows. Should be a fun week!


I went back and looked at the calendar for last year and it turns out the equivalent week last year (the 17th-24th) included Thanksgiving on the 22nd. This year it’s a week later on the 28th. Perhaps that explains the later hours last year and 7 PM closings really are as good as I’m going to get?

I guess it still doesn’t change my math much since I’ll be there all day Saturday and Sunday so I’ll need at least a 2-day ticket and the difference between a 2-day and a 5-day ticket through either Sam’s or AAA is only around $35. It’s $259.50 vs $295.99, so for the extra $35 I’d probably just get the 5-day tickets and go as much as I can. Or a 2-Park Seasonal Annual Pass for $305 and potentially save some $$ via food discounts, if that’s a thing.


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It shocks me that the parks closed at 8pm during Thanksgiving week! That seems so early.

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