Do Club level rooms ever get any decent discounts?

Considering club level at AKL for September, does anyone know if club level rooms are ever in the “available pool” for room only discounts. And if so, how much? Really looking for 30+% off. I will have an AP so I’ll qualify for those.

Club level was an option when I was booking bounce back in December. Not an option I could easily afford, but it was an option in the bounce back offer.

We have gone to WDW 8 times in the last 10 years and have had multiple cl resort stays most of the times. I have been able to get a discount for almost every stay, but it has taken a rather proactive approach of watching intently for AP, Visa, or regular room only discounts. The available rooms disappear pretty fast during the times we have gone. The good news is that AKL CL has generally not been a problem. Usually I make a rack rate room only reservation when we plan the trip and then watch for specials and change my reservation when discounts become available. This can be more difficult to monitor if you do not have your AP yet, but forums like this and disboards can be helpful in letting you know when AP rates open up. If I don’t have my AP pass at the time I book, I have to call to make the reservation (knowing I have to have an active pass when I check in or soon after). We have experienced 25-40% discounts over this time, with 30-35% being more common. I am guessing September AP rates might be available in mid-late June? Historically, I believe general discounts have come out in late April. One could always book the general discount and if a better AP discount comes out later, they could try to book that.

I have booked Poly CL at a significant discount through MVT. For AP, I did an AKL/WL split. I could only get two nights AKL.

So here is my dilemma. Right now we (Me, DH and DD5) are booked for a Savannah view room at AKL in september as a package with 4day PH tickets. The plan is to get free dining if possible and then at the park upgrade to AP as we are going back in december. BUT my hubby would really like to stay Club level and IF there is a discount of 30% or more, we would save about the same amount by booking the Club room only and just buying our APs and using AP discount for dining. But I wont know if this is the way to go until the discounts come out and I can see if AKL Club is available for a 30% or greater for our dates. So my question is how can I find that out without an AP because if its not available we will keep the tickets in the package. I guess my main question is how does someone who is not yet an AP holder find out if a specific room is available with an AP discount? Just call? And if it is buy the AP on the phonecall and drop the package? To make things MORE confusing should I go ahead and make a room only club level ressie now and modify it later if its available to avoid paying the parking fee?

Does MVT have a discount?

Dont know, never used them. Maybe I should check??