Do characters from older classics ever show up in any of the parks?

We love the Rescuers and An American Tail. Do any of those characters ever show up, or are there any nods to them in the parks? It would make my day to come across Evenrude, Bianca & Bernard, Medusa, or Fieval.

Fievel and American Tail is sadly not a Disney property - it was released by Don Bluth. I have seen pictures of Bianca and Bernard at Disneyland Tokyo and Paris, but haven’t seen pics of them at Disney World.

Hmm - Interesting. I didn’t know that! I’d love to hear Fievel squeak out his precious song from the rooftops in some park. Thanks for the info!


MK has been doing more obscure characters at the Main Street Flagpole this year. You generally get to see characters from Robin Hood, Zootopia, Chicken Little, Ratatouille, Pinocchio

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That’s fun! Good to know - Do they show up at random times or more at opening and closing?

They have scheduled times. I’m going to recommend you using Laughing Place to get the live character times for each of the parks…

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Thanks! It’s not a do or die for myself or my daughter (she’s 19 - lol) but we all have our favorites, don’t we?

I’m 44 and I still love meeting them. (I even used to be “friends” with a few characters many years ago!)

Some people plan “relaxing” days at a resort / pool. My “relaxing” days are just wandering through the parks meeting characters / snacking!

The Rescuers feature in Rivers of Light at AK, we were super happy to see them show up! Just clips from the films mind, not characters. Also the Fox and the Hound and some other classics. Well worth a viewing!