Do any MK CS restaurants deliver to tables or package meals "to go"?

I’ll be at MK next Friday with my four kids and am trying to figure out how to manage eating. I’ll take a bunch of snacks, which may be our only option. Are there any counter service restaurants that will package food to go? Or put food in a bag? I can’t push a double stroller and carry a tray, and I can’t leave the kids at a table by themselves. I can carry a bag with to go containers. I currently have reservations for lunch at Tony’s, but it doesn’t really fit into our touring plans to walk all the way to the front of the park in the middle of the day. Any suggestions?

Be Our Guest delivers food to your table. It’s counter service for lunch, though wait times can be long unless you eat really early (10-10:30ish) or really late (2-2:30ish). You may also be able to make a fastpass reservation there if you’re staying on site. Beyond that, I’m interested to hear how others suggest handling the challenge you will be facing.

Many counter service places have cast members who can help you get the trays to the table. Just ask coming in. I have had them help me when I am the only adult.

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I was just going to say what @pamperedpup said - you can ask for help. From the best of my knowledge I don’t know of any place that will package up your food for you but you can always ask for Cast Member help. I’ve done it before. Never had any trouble.

Thank you all! That’s good to know. I wouldn’t have thought about asking for help, but I’ll try. I’ll try to go somewhere not too busy. :slight_smile: Thanks!

I have had food ordered to go at Cosmic Rays. It was the end of our day and we were tired, but not overly hungry and just had to get veggie burgers from Cosmic Rays.

I saw CMs carrying trays for other people. I even saw them offering to help. You won’t have a problem.

At the resorts they will put a lid on your plate. I’m not sure about anywhere else though