Do AKL club level rooms with bunk beds still exist?


We have AKL club level booked for late Sep.
When I originally booked (last year) I asked if we could request a room with bunk beds for the kids but I was told that they aren’t any CL bunk rooms any more. I thought that maybe they were phasing them out as part of the refurbishment, but the website still lists these as an option so I was wondering if there’s any point faxing in a request or asking at check in?

Any advice gratefully received!

Who said they did not exist? Have they renovated the 4th floor right side of the resort?

The Disney reservation CM I spoke to the phone. Sounds like I’ve been given the wrong information? Maybe I should put in a room req for bunk beds.

I would! I know that 4505 was a bunk room. It was the only one on the TP map, but at the resort they said “there are lots of club level bunk bed rooms”. I don’t know if that is true , other things they told me at that time were not correct.

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