Do Adventureland rides open a little early on morning EMH days at MK?

I noticed when making touring plans (and also when looking at the current Lines wait times) that Jungle cruise and Splash mountain seem to open about 15 minutes early on MK morning EMH days. Does anybody have experience with this? Should we rely on that and head over to adventure land about 15 minutes before official opening time to get a head start over there?

I’m not certain I entirely understand what you mean… Frontierland and Adventureland open later than Fantasyland and Tomorrowland on EMH mornings.

So if regular hours are 9a-9p and EMH is 8-9am, TP has jungle cruise and splash mountain on itinerary at 8:45, before regular 9am opening, with no wait. Is that correct?

My daughter and I went last April. She was tuckered out and we ended up not getting to MK until 8:30am on a EMH day. I didn’t really pay attention to what was open and we went to straight to Pirates, absolutely no one else was on the ride in front or back of us. Then we went to Splash Mountain. It was empty. Next Big Thunder. There were only three cars filled.

This year we are going to try to make it on time and hit Fantasyland first, but I will say that Adventureland was awesome around 8:45am.

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Sounds like the policy has been modified?

I don’t think its been modified. My guess is they just start running 15-20 minutes like most things. Or maybe we just got lucky.