Do ADR need to be made at the park you have reserved?

I can start making my ADR next week. We have hopper passes but will it let me make a reservation in Epcot if we are not in that park that day?

Yes you can make a reservation for any park, any time.

Be aware that, though quite unlikely, it is possible to be stopped from hopping if there is a capacity issue. If that were the case you would not be allowed to enter despite your ADR and would incur the no-show fee.

Again, quite unlikely but always should be a consideration.


Can you still do the reschedule trick? Push it out a few days, then cancel it to avoid the no show fee.

I have heard mixed reports on this. You can still do it but sometimes it’s forcing a call.

And, again, it’s unlikely you’d be stopped from hopping so probably worth a roll of the dice

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I thought you couldn’t park hop until 2pm even if you had a reservation that was earlier than 2… is that no longer the case?

No that definitely still applies.

Did I miss that in OP’s original question? I don’t see where that was asked.

You definitely can NEVER hop before 2 as of now


I think it’s because you said could could book in any park at any time. Which is right, you just wouldn’t be able to get to it if it was before 2.

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Oh. I didn’t mean any TIME

I meant the system doesn’t recognize whether or not you have a park reservation so you can book anywhere any day regardless of your park reservations or lack thereof