DME Use Without Incoming Flight


Ok, I tried to find an answer to this and couldn't (sorry if I missed it).

Let's say I'm flying into MCO and renting a car for a work trip outside the Orlando area. When the work trip is over I'd like to do a few days at Disney, but I'd like to 1) not have to worry about the car while at WDW and 2) I'd like to save the $$ by not keeping the rental. So my question is...

Can I return the car to the airport and take DME to my resort even though I didn't fly in that day? I'm sure I can use it on my departure day to catch my flight, but is the lack of an incoming flight on WDW 'arrival day' going to be a problem?


Give them flight info for the time you'd like to get DME without mentioning that you won't actually be on the flight. Should work just fine.


My father in law does this often. He does like @OBNurseNH said and gives them flight information for a time that he will be at the airport and goes to Disney that way.


We have done this our last two trips to WDW. Arrive on a late flight, spend the night near the airport then return to airport in the morning to take Magical Express to our Disney Resort. No problem, just let them know you will be arriving via ground transportation and give them a time. Doesn't matter if you show up early or late because they will just put you on the next available bus to your resort.
I do call their number and speak to a CM to make the reservation and the letter they send indicates our type of arrival. Tell him to enjoy his trip and let the "chauffeur" do the driving on the property!


We flew into Orlando in April, rented a car and drove to Cocoa Beachb to our hotel. After our event in Cocoa Beach, we drove to the airport, returned the car and hopped on DME to POP. We used a travel agent and gave her an estimated time of day that we would need DME.


We did this for MNSSHP on the 30th. I called the night of the 29th from our Airport hotel. I originally gave a morning flight number for Delta, but in the ensuing conversation I mentioned we were already in town so he said he could book us with an "open" reservation and we could walk up whenever. We had the hotel drop us around 9:30 and we went right in and onto the bus. No problem.


This is so scary...scary good! I was thinking about this very question while daydreaming and vacuuming...took myself a little break...and wham...the answer was right before my eyes! Love TP!!