DME to MCO from different resort?

Question about Magical Express back to airport -
A friend of ours is joining us for a few days of our trip, staying at different resort. Wondering if on his departure day (park day for us), he can do resort airline checkin, then meet us at our resort for breakfast, but due to time constraints could he board DME from our resort since it’s also going to MCO?

I believe they can.

You can definitely send bags to MCO from the hotel without riding on ME! (Not the same as upon arrival.)

I think he would have to call ME to change his departure information.

It might be worth a call to DME to find out, but I haven’t heard of anyone having done this. It would have to be arranged in advance as there might not be extra seats on the DME going from your resort.

I have heard on a podcast recently the answer is no for going to MCO from another resort. I would still call and ask to see if it could be scheduled that way.