DME to Airport

I have a room only booked at one of the All Stars the day before my Disney Cruise and am wondering if it is possible to go back to MCO on DME to catch a shuttle from there to Port Canaveral. Do you need to make a reservation back to the airport? Do I just supply a “flight” to be able to use DME back to the airport? The shuttle service to PC from MCO is cheaper and faster from the airport than Disney’s transportation from the resort.

You do need a reservation.

Yes, just supply flight information for a flight around the time you’ll want to get a shuttle. Keep in mind that DME will pick you up 3 hours prior to the scheduled flight time (ie pick you up at noon for a 3pm flight).

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Yes, this is something we have done. It works great!

Out of curiosity, what’s the price from MCO to PC? We are staying at ASMo before our cruise and had just planned to take the shuttle from the resort directly to PC. We are staying at GDT after the cruise. I think it was $75 round trip.


We’ve used Cortrans Shuttle for $25/person each way.


Thank you everyone!!

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