DME Questions

Happy Memorial Day Liners! I have never used DME and have a few questions about how we can best use this service. Myself, DH, DD & DSIL are coming in on the same flight however, DD and DSIL will be leaving WDW before us. DH and I are renting a car so won’t be using DME but, should DD and DSIL take advantage of that service since they will need a ride back to MCO? Can they not use it going to their resort but still use it to leave? And finally if they have to use it both ways, can they ask to be dropped off at a different hotel than where they are registered? Trying to coordinate arrival plans and would like to minimize the crazy just a little if possible! :slight_smile:

They do not have to use it both ways. You can set it up for just one way for them.


You can also set it up for different flight times for everyone on the same reservation, even different days if necessary.

You cannot use it to go to a different resort to the one you have a reservation for though. However, once on the bus, there would be nothing to stop you getting off at the first stop (if for example you just wanted to get off and uber/bus to a park). However the buses do not have a fixed route, so you could not predict where the bus would stop first, or even which resorts will be on your route.