DME question

My sister and I will be arriving in Orlando on 10/31 about 4ish hours prior to our parents, and will be at the party when they arrive. Our flight is two legs, and our parents’ is non-stop. They won’t be checking their own luggage, but are willing to check ours. Can we put our luggage tags on the bag so it gets to our room (separate reservation from our parents) even though its on their flight? It would make it a lot easier when we get back from MNSSHP that night.

Are you trying to avoid bag fees? Are they are staying at a different resort?

My sister is mainly concerned about the bag being lost since we are changing flights and airlines. Our parents are staying at the same resort and should - in theory - be in a room close to us. Since we’ll be getting back to the resort late, and they’ll already be asleep, we were just wondering about the possibility of using our tags so the bag would just be in our room.

I would just have your parents put their tags on it. It just “feels safer” to me although your tags most likely would work. I would have them call for extra tags if they need them : 1 (866) 599-0951

I would agree. Have the bags FULLY travel with your parents. On their flight, on their name, on their reservation - everything. You juts pick it up from their room once delivered.
I really wouldn’t worry about the plane transfer - they do this all the time. We sometimes cross back - where we back a bit of everyone’s stuff into each suitcase in case there is an issue. We do keep MUST HAVEs in the carry on. Jewelry, medicine, cash etc.

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