DME or Uber/Lyft... 11:20pm

We land at MCO at 11:20pm on arrival day (night)… we (dh and/or me) have NEVER used Uber or Lyft… while DME is convenient and free I understand the wait for leaving the airport can be long arriving at such a late hour… would you chose to do DME or Uber… and if you are a regular MCO to WDW Uber/Lyft user do you find them to be safe and efficient? Uber/Lyft seems like the better choice, but I’m nervous about using the service. Thanks for any and all advice and related stories! additionally, we will be traveling with DS11 and DS7 :slight_smile:

Does DS7 need a car seat? Ride shares don’t have car seats. Minnie Vans, through Lyft do have car seats.

Car seats are the issue with Uber / Lyft. If you don’t need them a ride share will probably get you to resort in 45 minutes - maybe less. It’ll cost you about $35 - $40 + tip

If you need a car seat DME is the better option and you’ll be there in about 75 minutes and is free for on-site guests

You can hire a Minnie Van to take you direct to you resort. They’ll have car seat and will help with luggage, but they are $155 + tip.

We used Transportation by Mike last time - I think it was $75 + tip. The driver helped us with our luggage and had boosters for both our kids. We were at our resort in about 45 mins. Would have been faster if we’d carried on instead of checked our bags. It’s pretty much ruined me for DME or even Lyft (I use Lyft all the time but I hate having to find the driver in mass situations like airports or concerts).

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Uber offers the option of car seats.

It looks like that’s only in NYC
“Uber Car Seat provides UberX vehicles equipped with a car seat. At this time, this vehicle type is only available in New York City.”

I think some Uber drivers elsewhere carry them, but it’s not a systematic thing you can count on.

When we were at WDW in 2017 we were able to use Uber car seat. While not in all cities it is in Orlando.


Also, I just booked Orlando Transportation by Mike for our March trip - when I was booking they asked if I would need a booster. I had to prepay for the ride, which seems only fair. It was $60 not including tip.


We used UberXL in early November in Orlando, it specified a car seat was included. However it was a foldable/portable seat not a more solid seat. Got us there however.

Unfortunately the info I cited was dated…UberX are in many cities now including Orlando. As you can see from other commenters confirm this. UberX is available in the Orlando area and it states the cars have a car seat. Once you request the UberX, you could call the driver to confirm, and ask what type of chip car seat(s) it has.

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I learned on our recent trip that kids age 7 and up do not need to be in car seat/booster in the state of Florida. So that could make Uber a much easier proposition.

a booster isn’t a concern… but i did look at the online estimator and there was an uber option for carseat. glad to hear several have used Uber from MCO; it’s a cost i’m willing to pay if DME will be a while departing… especially at such a late hour. thanks y’all!

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Can’t verify the car seat, nut uber lyft is incredibly convenient at www. We’ve used it dozens of time there as my kids are young adults so very well versed in using. Many rides on property are dirt cheap and you are dropped/picked up usually very close.

Also we’ve found that at wdw, lyft tends to be cheaper. But look at both. And both usually have a special offer for new users. Both parents could be new users for both companies and might get some free rides