DME luggage question

I’ve used DME a bunch before. We either have arrived really early (like 8am) or quite late (around 11pm) and I’ve known what to do with our luggage.
This time, we arrive at 7 pm. Do you think it’s better to get it ourselves or let it arrive at the room?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

2 adults and no kids if that matters

I would get it myself. We had a 4 pm flight that ended up delayed until 7 pm, and our luggage didn’t arrive in our room until midnight. Their window is up to 4 hours from check-in (not from arrival time) so it can take a really long time.

Unless you have a lot of really heavy bags, then I’d lean toward getting the bags myself. The only reason I’d consider not doing that arriving at 7pm would be if one of the parks were open late and I wanted to head right there, see fireworks, and stay out until 11 or midnight, in which case I’d save a little time skipping baggage claim and then heading right to the parks without unpacking.

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