Dme and unexpected late arrival

so flight delayed and won’t get in until 1030. put tags on my bags for mde to pick up. should I go to airline carousel to pick up luggage?

Yes. Happened to me too.

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so yes, go to luggage claim?

i would deploy DH to baggage claim to see if bags show up on the carousal while you go to MDE to ask whether bags will be delivered or must be picked up

so in all seriousness. …my flight is now scheduled to arrive at 1015. I put DME tags on. should I go to airline carousel to pick up bags?

I would, just to be on the safe side.

Do bags with DME tags even make to the carousels? I thought they were diverted before that.

Anything after 10 you should go to baggage claim, even if your yellow tag is on it. If the plane lands right at 10:00, perhaps do the split check. 10:15 or later. Just go to baggage claim

arrived at 930 on dme. hope luggage arrives or else I will be wearing same clothes all week. dme check in person said we are fine :pleading_face:

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then you will be!!!

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yep. no worries at all now


Glad it worked out!