DME and Resort Check-In Question

In previous years our flight has arrived around 11:00 p.m. This year, our flight lands around 1:30 p.m. We are accustomed to picking up our own luggage, bringing it aboard the DME, and the checking in at the resort. We prefer to go to the check-in desk because for us, that is when the vacation starts and the magic begins. One year we were also able to score a much better room than the one that had been assigned which was a huge bonus!

Question - if the DME gathers our luggage, are we still able to stop at the front desk to check-in and find out our room assignment? Where does the DME keep our luggage until our room is ready? Or, are we better off just gathering our own luggage and bringing it directly to the DME and then to check-in since we are familiar with how that process works?


DME shouldn’t affect your check-in procedure at all. DME will typically deliver your luggage 1-3 hours after your arrival. Make sure you take anything you need immediately, medicine or swim suits etc., in a carry on so you’ll have access to them upon arrival. I like DME just because it’s simpler, a little quicker (no waiting at the baggage carousel) and I don’t have to worry about carrying our luggage for awhile, plus we’ve never had an issue with delivery.

You should just be able to check in like you normally do & if you negotiate a better room, the DIS system will update the bell hops who deliver your luggage eventually. You can then checkout your room (if available), swim, or hit a park and the luggage will be there on your return…

I think DIS pools the luggage at the airport, and then delivers it to the resorts on their own bus. Then it would sit at the bellhop until they deliver to your room. Better off depends on if you want to save a few minutes not waiting on your luggage at the airport & then having to carry those bags. The trade-off is you’ll know you have all your luggage immediately vs. with DME you’ll be waiting and wondering if all is well…

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Thank you ~ you’ve answered all my questions and alleviated all my fears! We will leave the luggage handling to the DME :slight_smile:

Just be sure you really don’t need your luggage right away. Our flight last year landed at 11 am and we didn’t get our luggage until almost 9 pm. After standing in line a few times and many phone calls eventually I was able to pick it up at bell services instead of waiting another hour for them to deliver it. I was told that sometimes DME luggage deliveries get very backed up. I am sure it isn’t the norm. We stayed at the resort and had a toddler so getting our luggage that late really started our trip off on a sour note.