DLR veteran's day

Right now dlr is a 3 for vets day on 11-11. Other resources peg that as a very crowded day, unlike an early February weekday. Anyone have experience with Veterans Day in Anaheim?

That is an interesting question. I’ve been an AP for over a decade and Vets day was a great day to go then about 5-6 years ago, we went and DL was closed for capacity and DCA was packed (we turned around and left). They then started blocking out all So Cal AP for that day, which helped the crowds greatly, but I still wouldn’t have called it a 3. Now they allow So Cal, not Select, but regular So Cal on that day, but I know there aren’t as many of those passholders, since stopping selling them, so I don’t know how that might effect the crowds. From past experience, I don’t think i would depend on a 3 crowd, at least a 6, but I could be wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Really interested in the crowd level on Veterans day as well, decision go to the beach (we are from Canada so cool does not bother us) or visit the parks?

Touring plans still says a 2 for crowd level on veterans day. Hours have been posted and parks are open late. Any thoughts?

I was wondering about this too - I was intrigued when I saw the 2. I was planning to take the kids out of school one day this winter to really see California Adventure (we’ve never really spent the whole day there, only popped in for an hour or two). But going on a holiday and not having to miss school or work would be even better.

I have found the crowd predictions on Touring Plans to be way off recently.

Piggybacking on this 2015 Veteran’s Day thread. For 2016 it is predicted for a 5(or 6) crowd level. The date is Fridat Nov 11th. There is also the Super Heros Marathon events that weekend, including Friday.
What is your experience with crowd levels on weekends when the holiday falls on a Friday? Do you think the 5-6 prediction is what would be expected? Thank you.

The bottom 3 levels for APs are blocked on Friday which should help. CL should be a couple levels higher during race weekend.