DLR Tour

Is the “Welcome to Disneyland Resort” tour still offered? I’ve heard this was good, but all I see online now is the $2500 VIP tour.

I have noticed that they got rid of most of the tours except for the Walk in Walt’s Footsteps. I talked with the guides at the parks, but all they had to say was that they were making changes. It was rather disappointing as they were expanding the offerings for a while and then all of a sudden they dissappeared.

From what I know the current offerings are Walking in Walt’s Footsteps (usually ends with going into Walt’s apartment, but subject to change any given day) as well as the Grand Circle Tour (all about Walt’s love of trains & the history of the trains at Disneyland and I believe usually involves a ride in the special Lilly Belle train car).

Yes, I forgot to mention. The train tour was an option.