DLR Room Finder tool similar to WDW Room Finder Tool?

Hello! I was wondering if there was any type of room finder/map/view tool for DLR hotels like TP has for WDW hotels? If not, anyone have input on standard view rooms at GC? @len ?

No room finder tool for DLR that I am aware of.

We stayed at GC in May 2015 and had a “woods and courtyard view” (the cheapest room type available for the AP discount). I expected the room to look out on one of the courtyards in the middle of the resort. However, it looked right out on DCA (Grizzly Peak area). We were right over the monorail track and could see GRR. I have no idea if the room view actually fell under the category or if we just go lucky. We didn’t make any room requests

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We don’t have one for DLR. However, our Disneyland guy, Guy, can help with that advice: guy@touringplans.com.

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