DLR Planning

Going to CA in July for a week and doing two days at DLR (1 park per day), so trying to figure out what day to do what park. It will be me, my parents, my sister (who’s 26), and my friend (we’re both 24). My family has been to DLR a bunch, but we usually only get one day PHs because we’re in CA to visit family. My friend has never been to CA so this is her first time to DLR, but we’ve all been to WDW many times. I haven’t been to DL since Jan 2014 but the rest of my family has been twice(?) since then, most recently last July. We’re getting Maxpass and this will obviously be our first time using it.

Since its summer, I was guessing everyday would be a CL 8/9/10 and we were talking about going to DL on its anniversary just because we’ll be there then. That day (7/17) is a CL 9 (not surprising), but Sunday 7/15 is only a CL 5. Is it really likely that there’ll be a CL 5 in July? I’ve never paid attention to DLR CLs before since we just go when we can, but we do typically plan our WDW days by CL. A 5 and a 9 is big enough of a difference to probably sway us to going Sunday instead (plus the fact that we’re not staying onsite so can’t do EMH on 7/17). DCA CLs are pretty much 7s the whole week so not as concerned about that, will just avoid EMH days most likely (and go depending on when PTN is!).

With Maxpass, is it necessary to get to the parks super early for rope drop? We’re coming from MA so we’ll have the time change in our favor for getting up early, but I can’t really see us getting there more than ~15 mins before opening. Should we be getting there earlier? Earlier for DCA because of Pixar Pier? We’ve only ever made it pre-RD once (the summer Cars Land opened, we still waited 45 mins for a RSR FP) but we’re usually staying a 40 min drive away and this time we’ll be at the Homewood Suites on Harbor Blvd.

Any other tips are greatly appreciated! We have more must dos this trip since my friend has never been and probably won’t be back for a while, especially focusing on the differences between WDW/DLR (which we can’t always keep straight, my mom was excited we could finally use our magicbands at DLR until I told her that still wasn’t a thing there :slightly_smiling_face: )

Ha! You are looking at the exact days we will be there! We are getting there on 7/14 (late) and leaving 7/17. Because we have deluxe APs and Saturdays during summer are blockout days for us, we are going to hang out DTD Saturday evening and hit the parks First thing Sunday morning.

As I was researching what days to go, I went back historically and a CL 5 for Sunday doesn’t seem to be out of line. I hypothesize this is due to Saturday’s blockout day and most non local pass holders go mid week. Which explains why Wed is cl 9. It is tough to say what the opening of PP will do to the crowd levels though.

I would absolutely do RD even with MP. I would be there at least 30 minutes before. My touring style is to hit it hard in the morning at rd and then take a break during the day and then hit it hard again at night. All you are missing 12-5 is the crowds and the heat. But ultimately you know your group and what will work for them.


Oh and here is this…

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Thanks! We’re also getting in 7/14, and we’ll be there through the 21st. Good to know the CL 5 day isn’t unrealistic. We’ll probably plan for DL Sunday then, doesn’t sound like we’d miss too much from the anniversary (except for crowds).

We will definitely be taking a midday break too, we don’t do well with the heat no matter how dry it is!

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