DLR PhotoPass+

In the past I have always purchased the photo pass in advance, but I noticed that it is $20/day.

Do I have to buy it before we take photos or can I decide later in the day? Sometimes we have a no photo day and others we have lots, but we are not good with planning them.


I haven’t done PhotoPass at Disneyland other than the one that was included with MaxPass. But I would assume the price increases if you don’t buy in advance. It still might be cheaper to purchase later only once you decide for sure you want a day’s photos.

I was looking at the Disneyland app and it seems like it is the same price no matter when I get it.

They mention they take the watermark off if you buy the photos, so it seems like I will have all the photos and I just need to decide within 45 days if I want them for each day. I decided to contact a cast member to verify. I will post what I find out.


I had pictures taken first. They scanned my ticket then when I paid when I had a chance to sit down. Remember to ask for this Magic shots too. Some are really cool :heart_eyes: