DLR July guests are being cancelled


You can change your date or cancel. Appears this delay at DLR will go until at least August…

My trip is Sept., but I always said I wanted DLR to be open a minimum of 30 days to see how it was operating. This is cutting it extremely close.

I did just check on flights for my “back-up” November dates. They are half price atm! Between both of these things happening, it’s making me want to go in November. I’d have two future Orlando flights paid for with the leftover flight miles. (I do wish I could get a refund, but…:roll_eyes:)

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Yeah, I am not surprised. I would honestly cancel if I were you. If this is supposed to be the big DLR trip to see/do the things that are unique to DLR … then maybe come back in a couple of years. On the other hand, we’ll be in California around August 25 anyway, so will probably go if they’re open. But we’ve been so many times that it’s okay for us to have an experience that’s less. I just really want to do RotR!


Our reservation starts July 31st at PPH and have not received anything from Disney. New reservations are available on the website starting 8/1. Not sure where our July 31 falls into this- does it mean we definitely need to modify, or is that only if you check out before July 31st? I always feel like Disney communication is very vague. They need to say “reservations with check out days through 7/31” or “reservations with check out days through 8/1”. I may just book a backup for a check in of August 1st or later.


Ohhh… that is a conundrum! You can wait & see if you get an e-mail, but I would definitely contact them ASAP. Also, this doesn’t mean they’ll open Aug. 1 either. It’s back to “we don’t know when DLR will open.”

I know it doesn’t mean they will open August 1st, but I am hopeful that they might! We can only go in early August, otherwise who knows when. We have tickets from UCT (bought in January) that currently expire at the end of the year. I also have a Flexpass. I can go later this year easily, but it is much harder to work around my two kids’ schedules, and this was the send off trip to my daughter leaving for college at the end of August. I guess I will call.

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I called (got to love DL during this, no wait at all), and modified my reservation by 1 day. Check in 8/1 now, staying until 8/5. Our first park day was going to be 8/1 anyway, so no big deal. We will just stay somewhere else Friday night if the resort is closed, but the parks are open. I also have some off-site accommodations in case the parks open before the hotels. Or it might all get cancelled, but I feel better about a 8/1 check in than a 7/31 one. :laughing:


Thanks for the update.

I still haven’t gotten the guts to move my plane tickets. My head says, you’ve waited this long to go you can wait another year. Then my heart says, you’ve waited this long you should just go! :crazy_face:


I totally understand!

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I really hope you get to go! Crossing my fingers that these spikes won’t be too spiky and will abate quickly.

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