DLR -ish planning thread - May 7, 2024

I just love the Coco scene with the figures that pop up on the building tops and the Up House and flying Buzz instead of Tink. I haven’t seen Wondrous Journeys so it’s one of those I don’t know what I’m missing LOL



What do you think of this plan:

Tues- arrive/DCA
Weds- SeaWorld/DL
Thurs- San Juan Capistrano, beach, DTD
Fri - DL RD to close
Sat - DCA RD to close
Sun - beach and close wherever we want.

Another possibility could be
Tues - arrive/DCA
Weds - DL RD to close
Thur - SeaWorld and DTD
Fri - San Juan Capistrano/beach/DL
Sat - DCA open to close
Sun - beach and close whichever we want.

Do you see flaws in this?

SeaWorld closes 5PM and we may not stay to close. I think we could get maybe 2-3 hours at DL and knock of a few rides that PM).


And I added another possibility. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I saw that! Thought my eyes were playing tricks on me for a second there!

I think either one look good. Do you have to make park reservations? My only concern would be that you might not be able to switch your Sunday reservation if you changed your mind about which park you like. I know your daughter likes Marvel, but DL is bigger so I would be inclined to reserve at DL and hope you can switch if she really wants more Avengers Campus. But if you think she’s just going to love it at AC, maybe reserve there?

My instincts are telling me that Friday might actually be a better day to do DL RD to close than Wednesday. But I tried googling to see if there is consensus on which days are busiest there and get conflicting information. A couple of sites say Mon-Wed is busier than Th - Sun. One said Friday is the best day to go to DL. But that could be confirmation bias on my part. :rofl:


The fact that you would do this to help me makes my heart happy. Thank you.
I trust your gut! :heart:

The benefit to doing RD to close Wednesday is we have better balance vs loading up at the end of the trip. But it spreads out the beach time better.

I forgot all about park reservations. :woman_facepalming:
What is your experience on changing them? How many days ahead is imperative? It’s so hard to say which we will want more.


I think it’s actually easier for ticket holders than it is for AP’s (Magic Keys). I just looked at the ticket-holder calendar and you could make a new reservation for tomorrow if you wanted to, but I wouldn’t be able to as a MK holder. Although, even that is different based on the type of MK you have.

This is the ticket holder availability:


It’s showing that DL is available both Sat and Sun, but DCA is only available Sat. That is probably (?) due to the Food & Wine festival which is not going on when you’re there. But also, I think DCA is really popular with the locals.


Also, the availability may change up to the night before or the morning of as people cancel or switch parks or DL decides they have more capacity due to MK holders not coming, etc.


I’m so stressed out by this.
I just need to pick something and go with it.


Well, maybe ask Marie? (That is the daughter for this trip - right?) I’m sorry if I’ve stressed you out! I do think there is a high likelihood you’ll be able to change parks for Sunday. If you do your first plan, you’ll have a taste of both parks by Wednesday night and that might help you make up your mind about Sunday. And it will be early enough in the week that hopefully you can make a change without any issues.


YOU did not stress me out!
I stress myself out. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Actually - I did just ask Tabitha (but you did name my older DD -good job!) about her preferences between Marvel and Star Wars.
And she said…
“Which park has Radiator Springs? That matters the most to me.”
I also reminded her that Pixar Place is open (it was under construction in 2018 when we were there).

I appreciate your POV!


I have them switched in my brain. I thought Tabitha was the oldest and then Marie.

If Tab loves Radiator Springs and Marvel, maybe the extra day should go to DCA!


What does Katriel think about all of this? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Just wanted to demonstrate my knowledge. :joy:)



Nice work.


I am seeing “Fire of the Rising Moons” fireworks on a Disneyland IG page. Is this something that may still be around next month? What sources do you use?



Yes. It’s a version from SWGE. But that gives you the time of the Pixar Ones too. :slight_smile:

Same fireworks, different view, and I’m guessing different music.

It’s on the official Disneyland site for Entertainment times.


It has been announced that the SWGE viewing of the fireworks will run indefinitely in tandem with whatever show is being run for Main Street. The music is based on the Star Wars scores. Exciting!



Here’s some of the view of it:


so - it’s the same fireworks as the “Main Street” version, but different music. And they only do them on the weekends. And only if the weather is good?


That about sums it up!

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