DLR for Spring Break

We’re thinking of taking a few days at Disneyland in March during spring break. The crowd calendar predicts CL 9. I’ve been to WDW for spring break, but not DLR. Can anyone with experience tell me how crowded it all be?

A lot will depend on if it’s Spring break for CA schools. If the LA schools are out, it could be ugly…

A Disneyland 9 is like a Magic Kingdom 12 if you can imagine that. The walkways are so much smaller that it just feels horribly crowded at those levels. The penguin walk is what we call it on chat. I’d still go though, with a good plan you will do fine. Maxpass is a game changer as well. I would also consider staying onsite as EMH everyday will be great.

Thanks for the tips, @Wahoohokie

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I did it this last spring break. It never seemed as crowded as I thought it should be. We always start early at Disneyland. Later in the day the walkways do become unbearable. That’s when we head over to California adventure.

We went once during Spring Break for just half the week. The weather was perfect, but it was so crowded as mentioned. But you can absolutely enjoy your time by going early, planning ahead & taking midday breaks when the parks are their busiest.