DLR compared to DLP

I’m going to DLP in March and wondered if there’s any list of the rides that are the same as DLR. I don’t want to do any that are the same, since I’m at DLR every week. I only want to do the attractions that are different than DLR version or not at DLR.

Never been to DLP but know they have Phantom Manor instead of HM & it’s very different. Their BTMRR is also different.

There really isn’t much that is identical. Off the top of my head there is only really Buzz, Autopia and Peter Pan that are very close. Maybe small world. I haven’t been on webslingsrs at DCA but would imagine it’s the same. But you also have the difference of the dialogue being French. BTMRR is brilliant. Space is much different as are Haunted Mansion (Phantom Manor) and POTC. It has a very different overall vibe than DLR so I wouldn’t rule out any attractions or experiences.

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