DLR Christmas 2018...when to go?

Greetings fellow Disney fans! We are a Disney-loving family of 4 (girls 9 & 5) from Idaho. We are making plans for a 3 day Disneyland trip at the end of 2018 to experience the Christmas season. We’ve been multiple times in the last 2 1/2 years but never at Christmas. We are fortunate to have maximum flexibility with our dates. It would appear from the TP crowd calendars that Tue-Thu the week following Thanksgiving would be ideal from a crowd standpoint. Anyone have any reason to think that’s not true?

Generally speaking, I personally prefer lower crowds, even if that means the parks open later and close earlier. That said, is there any reason we should be considering an alternative week?

I appreciate any thoughts/comments!

Two years ago we went the Sunday after Thanksgiving and had a blast. By waiting a few more days, you will have even lower crowds than we did. I would be all over that!