DLR Chat to be restricted to in-park use?

Was just wondering if the same restrictions were being planned for DLR Chat as WDW Chat? One reason Len gave for creating this forum was the resources the chat app consumed. DLR is much less active, giving rise to the question.

Also, the DLR chat users don’t seem to have been notified yet, or are too laid back to care to comment! :^)

When you say "In-Park"use what do you mean?

From the threads on chat, the word from Len was that the existing chat would be re-purposed for questions from guests at the parks (although I’m not sure how that will be done unless they mandate location capabilities be used). Long term planning and other topics would be funneled to this new forum.

@dfwdisfan Oh that would be sad for me - I really loved helping people out while I’m not at the Parks! I’m at WDW for two weeks a year but hardly on Lines then due to our schedule. But all the other days I am on here helping and discussing. Say it ain’t so!

There’s been no notice on DL chat. Majority aren’t on WDW chat so I’m not going to mention. Just have to see how it goes.

I wasn’t going to post anything there either.

It appears that I am able to post in the DLR-related categories on the forum even though my sub to DLR chat app has expired. Are others finding this?

I was just able to post a new topic in the UOR category, and I don’t subscribe to it. Appears that the forum categories don’t recognize the various user categories from the website.

I dropped in over there. The light is dawning. No official notification from staff that I saw, except for the notice of new chat rules.

@BackIntoTheFray I did notice the banner but didn’t see the rules - thanks for the heads - I’ll go and read the rules now!:+1: