DLR & CA -2 days, one day each - Help!

My good friend is going to do 2 days with her family (DH, and 3 kids, ages 5, 8, 10) and they plan to dedicate one day to each of the two parks. I helped her plan her DW trip but am of very little help w/ DL. Any advice? What attractions should they hit right away in the morning and what order can anyone recommend? They do want to include Jedi Training if possible so that should be taken into consideration…and they do have a Goofy’s Kitchen dinner on day 2 @ 6:10 pm. Thanks so much everyone!!! :smiley:

The only advice I see over and over is to run immediately to Radiator Springs Racers to get FP’s before they sell out for the day, to be there when Cars Land lights up at night, and not to miss World of Color since it’s unlike anything at DW. I’ve seen the video and it’s pretty amazing. I’ve also seen lots of strategies for using the hopper to get FP’s in both parks since the FP systems are independent of each other but sounds like they might not want to. They are still on the old paper fast passes. Since you’re a member browse through some of the touring plans on the site and see what you can find for them.

Yes, RS and Paint the Night are the big things I told her…I’ll browse plans.